About Brooklyn

Complementary skills and talents allow us to explore communication ideas in all forms, bringing those big experiential ideas to life.


[modal_popup_box titletext=””]EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING

There is no other communication channel more interactive, engaging, and effective as experiential marketing. Our team has been creating live experiences right from the very start, and with our in-house expertise in concept design and location planning, we know just how to bring those big experiential ideas to life.

These experiences include:

• Brand Activations. We bring brands that have lost some of their shine back to life, increasing awareness and engagement through brand experience.
• Roadshows. We help spread your company message through in-person, interactive events.
• Festival Activations. We connect brands with festival goers, engaging with them to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.
• Guerilla Marketing. We think outside the box to help promote your brand or business using methods that are original and unconventional.
• Installations. Our creative team designs and implements installations such as billboards, outdoor advertising, and more, to attract and engage customers.
• Pop-up stores. We create temporary storefront spaces for brands to allow customers to experience products firsthand.[/modal_popup_box]

[modal_popup_box titletext=””]EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS

When planning events, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs, the nature of the occasion, the audience, and the level of interaction required. Our team boasts 10 years of experience, and the ability to deliver events of any size or scale. Over the years, we have planned and hosted a large number of events, B2B & B2C conferences, gala dinners, product launches, exhibitions fairs, private parties and more, for both local and international brands.

We are able to deliver the following types of Event and Exhibitions:

• Corporate events
• Launch events
• Conferences
• Trade & Consumer Exhibitions
• Parties[/modal_popup_box]

[modal_popup_box titletext=””]ADVERTING & PR

We believe in creativity that is driven by data, informed by culture and delivered to the touchpoints that unite brands with their target audience. With a full service offering and complementary team skills, we are able to explore communication ideas from live experiences and digital engagement to traditional advertising, in order to help our clients solve even their trickiest business challenges.

Taking into account your business objectives and goals, we are able to provide bespoke Advertising & PR services, including the following:

• Communication strategy
• Integrated Campaigns
• Creative solutions
• Digital Services
• PR services
• Media planning[/modal_popup_box]

[modal_popup_box titletext=””]PROMOTIONS & SAMPLING

Our aim is to raise the profile of your product, service or brand and bring awareness to the right audience at the right time. We deploy a select team of experts, hand-picked for each occasion, and deliver mass samples or promotions simultaneously across multiple locations anywhere in Cyprus. Whether these involve the city center, outdoor events, conferences, exhibitions, or in-store promotions, we are able to provide Brand Ambassadors, Actors and Dancers, and Costume Characters, depending on the brand and occasion.

In-store Sampling & Demos

We have the capacity to arrange in-store sample and demos for the following industries:

Food & confectionery
Beverage & Alcohol
Fragrances & Cosmetics

[modal_popup_box titletext=””]TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES

We deliver a new era of indoor and outdoor building activities that combine learning, development and fun. Each individual event is carefully designed to be unique, memorable, and valuable and offer a truly engaging experience to our clients.[/modal_popup_box]

We believe in creativity that is fueled by data, informed by culture and delivered to the touch-points that create connection and drive commerce.

About Brooklyn